Rustic goes glam

Look out Summer Cottage, there’s a new rustic, right in the city.



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A few years ago, homes with barn doors were something you would only see in a barn conversion in Brit Home Decor mags. Fast forward and barn doors are a hot new trend, along with weathered barn boards used on everything from accent walls to coffee tables. Antlers of all shape, size and colour and creamy white sheepskins. I had a sheepskin rug on my bedroom floor as a teen. It was chic back then and just as fresh a look today, adding some softness to a masculine look.




Wood wall paneling is back in style  but with a twist. Rustic paneling features wide planks and a rough-hewn look, a far cry from “ugly basement” faux wood panels. Think hunting lodge meets city loft. Functionality meets creativity in some of the most charming and whimsical accents.





The right floor can transform your entire room. Bare wood is beautiful, and fits the style perfectly, but it’s not your only choice. Stone or tiled floors softened with shag rugs, a dappled cow skin, or a classic sheepskin from a local source,  Australia or New Zealand can be the perfect backdrop for rustic furniture and collections.



This trend is livable and family friendly. Natural wood always softens a space and it’s back in a big way in flooring, furnishing and home decor accents. Introduce gradually with wooden bowls, vases and furniture, new or vintage.  Add softness with textiles. There are some fabulous cushions and throws in faux fur, graphic wildlife prints and plaids in stores right now to accent this look.  


A great way to bring the outdoors in for the cold , dark days ahead.

Home Staging in Fall

Home Staging for a Fall buyer

What could be better than a cable knit throw, a good book and a comfortable chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sounds good doesn’t it, chances are your home buyers would love it too. Selling a property nowadays requires careful marketing. You aren’t just selling four walls, you are selling a lifestyle, a feeling, a place where memories will be made and you are asking buyers to invest in your property with their hard earned $$$$$$’s.

Image : Farm Gate Imaging

As a home stager and photo stylist my job is to market a product in the most attractive way possible to drive sales for my clients. Setting the stage,  to woo home buyers, apartment seekers and retail  consumers to choose to purchase your product over the competition’s. Sounds pretty straightforward right, but a lot of thought, time and effort goes into each and every project I do. Every home is different, every product comes with unique attributes and challenges. How you present a property (your product) changes with the seasons. Colour, texture and pattern all evoke a feeling, a lifestyle, whether a buyer is aware or not. Emotions are a large part of the buying process. Evoke the right emotions from a buyer and your home will stand out, be seen and attract attention.



Two words. Details matter. Even the smallest ones. When the business of living takes over your home, many things go unnoticed that a buyer will pick up on in 2 seconds flat. Those flat as a pancake pillows on the old sofa mean many happy nights of kicking back and watching your show on Netflix, but to buyers it looks shabby. Not quite the look they envisioned for the living room they will entertain friends and family in. Yes you say, they are only pillows but all these little things add up and to get the buyers with the offer you are looking for it takes putting your best foot forward, every time you show your home.


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So have a good look at your surroundings, scrutinize every room, every closet, every nook and cranny. Your online images can make or break a sale and with all the resources available nowadays it is easier than ever to get your home in tip top selling condition. A great real estate agent, realistic pricing, professional looking presentation and images will get you well on your way to hanging that SOLD sign.


All images by Farm Gate Imaging