The value of a Staging Consultation

Marketing is a powerful selling tool, used to sell everything from cat food to cars. Marketing is appealing to the emotions, the senses and the wallet. Knowing how to market your home to successfully to appeal to todays buyer is key when selling your property.

  1. Todays world is very visual, we are bombarded with images on social media, some memorable, some easily forgotten
  2. To sell a product you have to differentiate from the competition to get noticed
  3. You have literally seconds to grab a buyer’s attention
  4. A home is the largest purchase the majority of people will make in their lifetime
  5. Presentation is key to attraction

Staging a home takes all the above and more into consideration. Staging is marketing to appeal to the buyer, the minute you list your home to sell it’s no longer about your tastes and preferences. Your home is a commodity and you need to add the “wow” to attract the right attention to make your property stand out from the competition.

To be successful in marketing a property you need :

An experienced Realtor who will price your home realistically for the market

Quality images for listing, video and social media posts

The right presentation to make your property stand out

The advice of a stager, who knows from experience what will and won’t appeal to todays buyers

It’s all in the details

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