Keep calm and sparkle on

A little sparkle goes a long way, whether staging your home for sale or decorating for the holidays. Nothing brightens a room more than the shimmer of silver, the glint of glass or a flash of chrome. But beware, there is a fine line between too much bling and tasteful sophistication.

Here are some of the ways I like to add glamour to a room, without overdoing it.








Mercury Glass




Velvet pillows (or upholstery)












Adding any of these accents will instantly add sparkle and update your decor to get your rooms noticed.



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Home Staging in Fall

Home Staging for a Fall buyer

What could be better than a cable knit throw, a good book and a comfortable chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sounds good doesn’t it, chances are your home buyers would love it too. Selling a property nowadays requires careful marketing. You aren’t just selling four walls, you are selling a lifestyle, a feeling, a place where memories will be made and you are asking buyers to invest in your property with their hard earned $$$$$$’s.

Image : Farm Gate Imaging

As a home stager and photo stylist my job is to market a product in the most attractive way possible to drive sales for my clients. Setting the stage,  to woo home buyers, apartment seekers and retail  consumers to choose to purchase your product over the competition’s. Sounds pretty straightforward right, but a lot of thought, time and effort goes into each and every project I do. Every home is different, every product comes with unique attributes and challenges. How you present a property (your product) changes with the seasons. Colour, texture and pattern all evoke a feeling, a lifestyle, whether a buyer is aware or not. Emotions are a large part of the buying process. Evoke the right emotions from a buyer and your home will stand out, be seen and attract attention.



Two words. Details matter. Even the smallest ones. When the business of living takes over your home, many things go unnoticed that a buyer will pick up on in 2 seconds flat. Those flat as a pancake pillows on the old sofa mean many happy nights of kicking back and watching your show on Netflix, but to buyers it looks shabby. Not quite the look they envisioned for the living room they will entertain friends and family in. Yes you say, they are only pillows but all these little things add up and to get the buyers with the offer you are looking for it takes putting your best foot forward, every time you show your home.


Image Farm Gate Imaging


So have a good look at your surroundings, scrutinize every room, every closet, every nook and cranny. Your online images can make or break a sale and with all the resources available nowadays it is easier than ever to get your home in tip top selling condition. A great real estate agent, realistic pricing, professional looking presentation and images will get you well on your way to hanging that SOLD sign.


All images by Farm Gate Imaging

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Hanging Artwork

The most common mistakes and how to get it right.

For me artwork is one of the most exciting elements in a room. When I was a student in Scotland many a lunch hour was spent in the Art Gallery in Aberdeen and I have never lost my love for art.

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A large, beautiful piece can create an instant focal point in a room when one is lacking and can make up for a lack of architectural details.

Common mistakes when displaying art are hanging it too high and using a piece too small in scale for the wall it is displayed on. Many people shy away from using large pieces but they really do make a statement in a room. When hanging art above a sofa the bottom edge should be 6”– 8” from the top of the sofa and should be from 50 – 75% the width of the sofa.

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If you wish to make one large grouping of smaller pieces use the same principles and group them tightly together. Position the grouping of artwork on kraft paper and trace around the arrangement. Tape the paper to the wall, position the hooks and nail into place; then remove the paper and hang in place and voila a perfectly placed arrangement!

For visual impact group similar artwork together by subject or colour and for even more emphasis use the same style of mat and frame.

Some of my favourite stores to purchase affordable, unusual art :

  • Homesense – Always great buys for larger scale pieces and something different!
  • Bouclair – Fun, contemporary canvas pieces.
  • Local furniture stores – Check them out for larger sized pieces too.

Not forgetting of course our many talented local artists we are so fortunate to have in Nova Scotia. Check out Nova Scotia Art Online to see some of the amazing artists in our province.

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