Using moveable colour in home staging

You hear the word “neutral” all the time when talking about home staging but neutral has many different meanings. Using neutrals on large elements in a home makes sense. Flooring, surfaces, wall treatments etc. are large investments and a homebuyer wants to know these will be elements they can live with for many years. Having said that, if your home has features that date it, there are techniques home stagers can use to enhance the positive features and using “moveable colour” is one way to do that effectively.


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Colour moves us. It attracts us and stirs our emotions. I have seen many homes where the homeowners have put some staging techniques in to play by decluttering, depersonalizing and removing every last accessory etc. until they are left with a bland, beige box. Yes, you can go too far when preparing a home for sale, removing focal points, colour and anything that will attract a buyer to those online images.

Movable color in items a seller can take with them can update a home for very little cost. Moveable colors are bedding, towels, area rugs, artwork and accessories. By adding pops of colour to every room you instantly freshen and add interest but they have to be the right colours in the right amounts.

Stagers know how to get this right. We stage to highlight positives, create focal points and showcase a home that will attract your target buyer. If your home is occupied, very often we can use what you have, in a way you may not have thought about. If moveable colour is needed to add the finishing touches, we can make you a list of items needed and recommend where to find the best prices or we can shop for you or rent items from our staging inventory.




With a vacant home a stager will choose the furniture, accessories and moveable items that will best highlight your property and appeal to your buyer.

You only get one chance to impress and cutting corners will only hurt your home sale. A small investment ensures you have your best foot forward from day 1 and saves you time and $$$$ by doing it the right way.


A little Prep

How to acheive high style on a budget

Thrifting,everyone is doing it!

Home Stagers are are masters of creating savvy design ideas for little investment.With the use of paint,colour and a few tricks up their sleeve they create show stopping interiors to wow buyers.Design on a dime requires some thinking outside the box,reusing and upcycling pieces already owned or purchased for a song in second hand stores and garage sales.

When shopping second hand don’t get caught up in buying something just because the price is right.Look for quality made furniture in solid wood if possible that won’t fall apart before you get the piece home.If you do find some items you love but the finishes are outdated or don’t match don’t worry.A coat of fresh paint will fix that problem to unify all your finds,a soft cream or dark brown will work depending on the furniture style.One thing to keep in mind is the scale of all the pieces,don’t crowd a room with too many pieces remember you are selling square footage not furnishings.Hardware is another way to instantly update.Nothing dates furniture more than garish brass so new nickel or chrome handles will give a fresh new look or spray paint if the budget is really tight. 

Refurbished shelf unit

A few of the pieces I have given a new lease of life to recently are a chrome wall unit purchased for $9.99.With a little elbow grease,some new glass shelves and paint I now have a stylish and funcional piece for my dining room.A bar cart which was a steal at $12.99 recieved a new coat of Benjamin Moore “Bittersweet Chocolate” 2114-10.The top needed a new surface so I decided on a faux leather look.I didn’t want this have too much of a shine but lucked out with this wallpaper purchased at Kent.Easy to apply with some spray glue and can be wiped clean.

Another piece I love is a night table,a Value Village find for $35.It had good bones but the oak finish was not to my liking.I splurged a little with this one and had it refinshed for $150.I had a feeling it was a good piece of furniture but my refinisher made my day when he said I had a good eye and it was by “Knechtel” a U.S. furniture company and solid wood.In this case the investment was worthwhile.

Bar Cart beforeNightstand refinished
Bar Cart after


Thrift store finds

Accessories are another way to add splash without cash.A few well placed can make a room but don’t go overboard.Less is more when it comes to accessorizing.A few larger pieces have more impact than too many collections of small nicnacs,this just adds clutter and in Real  Estate listing shots you need a focal point in a room.Too many small items are distracting to a buyer,there is nowhere for the eye to rest.Too much clutter in a room means a buyer will focus on all your “stuff” and not the features of your home.

Colour block for more impact
Recently I sat down with Christina Copp for her article in East Coast Living Magazine and shared a few of my ideas for “Decorating on a Dime”.The Summer issue has just been published and you can read some more of my design tricks.Summer is a great time for yardsales so get out there and bring home a few treasures of your own.It’s fun,good for the planet and makes your decorating budget go some much further.Enjoy!