The “Stuff” of Life

We all have “stuff”. It’s called life.

There’s only one problem when selling your home. It’s your “stuff.”

Lets face it, most of us are far too busy to have “The Perfect Home”. Life takes over. Kid’s, job, endless chores. Who has the time to colour coordinate your closet (ok, guilty on that one, just did my closet over) Sometimes the clutter just creeps up on us and we get so used to it we don’t even notice it anymore.That stack of magazines you keep hanging on to (guilty again) the countless items on the kitchen counter that need a home and the linen closet with sets of sheets you got 10 years ago that have seen better days all create visual clutter.

A stager’s job is to look at your home as a buyer would. Buyer’s assume alot of things from the way your home is presented.

Overflowing linen closet = not enough storage in a buyers mind.

Cluttered kitchen counters = not enough prep area.

Stuffed and messy closets = maintenance has been neglected elsewhere in the home.

A handful of buyers may be able to see past these issues but it’s a fact that the majority can’t. When shopping for a new home, buyers are really looking for a lifestyle. A stress free haven to relax at the end of the day .I don’t imagine many Realtors get asked for a home with limited storage, lots of the seller’s personality and square footage covered up by too many furnishings!

Staging is all about taking you, the seller, out of the equation and allowing the buyer to imagine themself  living in the home. That’s pretty hard for them to do with so many distractions. That beautiful wedding portrait on the living room wall and the toothbrushes on the bathroom counter are  just constant reminders that this is someone else’s home and they are intruding on your privacy! Staging may take you out of your comfort zone but the benefits far outweigh the anguish of being on the market for months on end without an offer.

Studies show that 80% of buyers are unable to see the potential in a home that is lackluster on presentation.You never get a chance to overcome that negative image in their mind.