Creating Focal Points to engage Buyers

Every room needs a focal point.A focal point should be something interesting to look at, something colourful or texturally and visually appealing.This is especially important when prepping your home for the market.Set up only one focal point and then arrange your furniture to enhance it. When too many objects are competing for center stage in a room, the design seems chaotic and prompts a feeling of restlessness,not the feeling you want homebuyers to have when entering your home! 

Not quite the focal point to wow a buyer !

A fireplace is usually the focal point in spaces such as living rooms and family rooms but all too often it competes with a big screen tv.In this case all the focus should be on the mantle and surrounding area,downplaying the tv or removing it alltogether.I have even encountered tv’s in front of windows obscuring beautiful views. 

Focus around the fireplace
In the bedroom the obvious focus should be the largest piece of furniture.Usually the bed.Dress the bed well with texture,colour and layers of soft fabrics.Adding a visually strong piece of artwork above helps too.  
Contrasting colours make a statement
A breathtaking view is a selling feature.Keep funishings low as not to obstruct and distract.
Frame a fabulous view
The entryway is a buyers first glimpse of the interior of your home.This area should set the mood for the rest of your home so it needs to impress.Create a focal point with a vignette.A table to place keys,a mirror to reflect light or piece of artwork to add colour.Some where to sit for removing footwear and extra lighting are also things to consider.
Perhaps the most important focal point,your front door area.Here you can make a statement.Make it welcoming,whatever the season.Trim bushes,clear paths,shovel snow.First impressions are everything.Make a buyer focus on your home for the right reasons. 
Whatever the season play up that 1st impression