Staging to appeal to a buyer’s emotions

The Art of Visual Merchandising

Every product for sale on on the market today is seen by countless consumers who need a quick “fix”.If the visual images of the product they see are not appealing enough to stop them in their tracks and investigate further that merchandising opportunity is gone forever. I started off my working career as a Visual Merchandiser,trained in the Art of making a product appealing to a consumer.The function of the Visual Merchandiser is to create an inviting, visually appealing environment for the customer’s shopping pleasure.Whether the item was pants,paint or powertools I used the principles I learned to make the display appealing enough to make a consumer fall in love & open their wallet for that “must have” item.Visual Merchandisers need to be creative, enthusiastic and have a natural finesse for color, balance and composition. A strong understanding of current market trends and innovative visual approaches are extremely helpful.

As my career progressed I specialized in Home Decor and Furnishings,which turned out to be perfect training for a Home Stager.When merchandising a store you have to work with the items available so whether a sofa was $299 or $12,999 the same care was taken to insure the product had wow factor. Sound familiar? Home Staging is so much more than decluttering and adding a few accessories.An understanding of how furniture is placed,colours used and how it all looks in print and online is often difficult for a homeowner to visualize when they are so emotionally attached to their home and all their “stuff”

Investing in the services of a Home Stager will ensure your “Product” – your Home,appeals to the broadest market possible.Your property is your biggest investment so it deserves to look like the Dream Home you first fell in love with.Home Staging & Professional Photography are Marketing Tools used to showcase your  home to the world and make buyers stop in their tracks and say “I want that” Look around your home.Does it have that “I want to live there” factor for a buyer.Yes,it’s clean and tidy but is it lacking Wow factor? Why should someone make the biggest investment of their life in your property? You need to give them very good reasons or with a click of the mouse they have moved on to the next property.

Staging Works because we buy on emotions,always have always will.

When we “Prep” your property you discover the difference staging makes.