Staging – It’s not rocket science but it is a skill

Going the extra mile,gets it sold!

As a Realtor it is always to your benefit to sell each home you list for the highest price possible and to sell it quickly.So the question of the day would be,why aren’t all Realtors having their listings staged and professionally photographed when stats show that  houses sell 50% faster and for a higher sale price* based on “Home Gain” statistics.

Until a Realtor has used the services of a stager &  professional photographer and seen first hand what a powerful marketing tool these services can be there will always be objections & naysayers.Trying something new is never easy but the Real Estate Industry has changed drastically in just the last five years.To be competitive in this field you have to have an edge and offer your clients the best possible service with the recources available to you.

Offending Home Sellers, whose listing you value and worked hard for is the last thing you want to do.You want to provide your client with the best possible service but those first impressions may have already killed the sale for you and it’s not even on the MLS yet.Preparing a home for sale requires alot of work and time.Time you may not have.Sometimes the job just looks too daunting and even though you suggest a few fix ups and some decluttering to a homeowner they don’t always carry out your instructions in the way that you wanted.The hardest thing for a seller to do is be objective with their own home and it’s contents.It’s all about emotions,the sellers emotional attachment to the home and the buyers emotional response when first viewing the home.A stager works as a third party seeing the home as a buyer would,pinpointing anything a buyer might see as a negative and highlighting the positive features to show a property in it’s best possible light.

As the market shifts and  homes begin to linger,you need a solution or a competitive advantage to offer discouraged sellers to get their house sold.Real estate staging and professional photography are not an option,they have become a necessity vital to a successful sale.

Encouraging your clients to have their property staged to appeal to a broader range of buyers and investing in top quality images will assure them you are going the extra mile ahead of your competitors to get the job done.

Referrals are everything in the Real Estate world and quality service gets quality listings and more of them.It’s all in the “Prep” work!