Holiday tablesettings

Entertain with style

Almost halfway through November, where does the time go. Christmas decor has well and truly taken over in the stores, glitz and glitter as far as the eye can see. It seems a long way off but now is the time to start planning your Holiday tablescape. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired, whether you are planning a Maritime lobster boil on Christmas Eve, a local tradition in my neck of the woods, or a quiet New Year dinner for two. Forgo the matching china and mix it up. Ā Enjoy šŸ™‚


Cool BluesĀ 


With a Twist of Lime

20141110_141324 (1)

Fun with Frosty

20141110_144833 (1)

It’s all in black and white


Maritime Dreaming


Collections : The Art of Display

One of the things a homestager usually recommends when prepping a home for the market is to de clutter andĀ pack up collectibles. Especially if there is a theme. Not everyone shares the same love of monster trucks and cartoon characters and selling a home is all about the buyer and not your tastes.

Too many items make a home look cluttered (not enough storage in a buyer’s mind) smaller than it actually is (clutter eats square footage and equity) and claustraphobic. Having said that, you do need some focal points to add interest and colour.There are a few tricks we stagers use to get the right look. Presentation is everything. In stores items are arranged in an artful way. Your rooms can come to life with that same type of attention to detail. Small details can have a huge impact. Something as simple as repeating the same size or style of baskets or boxes can create a clean and uniform look. Repetition is pleasing to the eye. So if you repeat basic shapes or use one color it will create a unified look which can bring a serene and calming feeling to the room.




Ā Simple is best.

Group in odd Numbers.

Choose interesting shapes and items.




Use Natural ElementsĀ 

Metals, basketware, shells, rocks

Group with books for interest




Green always looks fresh

Brightens a neutral palette

Use what you have





Use as artwork for texture

ToĀ hide and contain clutter

To add subtle colourĀ 


Colour Block



Use a variety of objects and shapes

Larger items have more impact

UseĀ spraypaint to get the lookĀ 



el mueble coffee table vignette plant ceramic lotus flower votive candles books wood table

Adds height to smaller objects

Larger items anchor a display

Inexpensive props




Keep it simple & seasonal

Use one style & colourĀ of flower

GroupĀ 3 in different height vases


Less is more when staging to sell