Staging Myths,the ultimate question

What does it cost?
The one question on everyone’s mind when Home Staging is mentioned is “What does it cost?”
When you think of Home Staging what comes to mind? “Expensive”,”Only for Vacant Properties”.
HGTV has created the misconception that Home Staging requires deep pockets.We have all seen those shows with the home invasion of a squad of contractors,designers,camera crew,hair & makeup (I only wish) and through the miracle of television,several thousand dollars and truckloads later the home is a sparkling showpiece.
Well,Home Staging in real life costs a fraction of the production budgets on HGTV but the results can still be jaw dropping.For the most part Home Stagers will try to work with the client’s current furnishings and accessories etc,carefully editing and repurposing items in a way that makes the home look fresh and new.In certain circumstances we do bring in items to enhance and add the icing to the cake if the home requires it.
By recommending upgrades and fixups that won’t break the bank but add thousands to a home’s percieved value a Home Stager can actually make money for a homeowner who thinks vast amounts of money has to be spent in order to prepare their home for the market.
Staging highlights the features of a home and minimizes flaws so a buyer can see the home’s true potential.
Not all homes require a Full Home Staging service.If a homeowner has the time and is willing to put the hard work in,a Consultation may be all that is needed to guide them and Prep can prepare a detailed room by room checklist with all the recommendations for getting a home in tiptop shape for the market.
A recent client of mine followed her checklist and carried out all my suggestions and the results were stunning.She said it was the best $150 she ever spent.Yes 150,it didn’t break the bank and the home shows beautifully.If you are pressed for time and think the task is just too daunting,a range of services is available from one room makeovers to a complete Home Staging.You choose which services most suit you and your budget.
Selling a home,your biggest investment,is stressful and like everything else in life a good plan will simplify the process.If you want some landscaping done and you don’t have a green thumb you hire a landscaper,so preparing the inside of your home for it’s “closeup on the web” needs to be approached with the same mindset.
Home Staging is an investment not an expense and it pays off big time.
Staged properties sell 90% faster than unstaged properties
Staging a property can often be completed in one day
The cost of staging is far less than a price reduction
Staged homes are shown more by Realtors
Staged homes in move in ready condition can command a higher sale price

So there you have it,Home Staging.Affordable and a very worthwhile investment.No Hollywood budgets required!