Prep’s Top 6 Ways to add colour

2011 has been hailed as “The Year Colour Made a Comeback”

From bright citrusy oranges and yellows to peacock blues and greens colour is dragging us out of the depths of Winter with a refreshing and uplifting palette of brights.Colour is a complex topic and getting it wrong can have dire consequences.Nothing affects mood and behavior like colour can.Greens are calming,reds can raise blood pressure and yellow causes eye fatigue! Something to think about before your next decorating project.When using colour the addition of white will provide decorating balance and visually open a space.If you are a newcomer to the colour wheel these tips will help to incorporate colour into your decor.

1.Paint one accent wall with your chosen hue.This will create a focal point in the room,without making a major commitment that you may live to regret.

2.Pile on the pillows.Always a great addition to pull a scheme together and can be easily changed to alter a room’s mood.

3.Bring the outdoors in and add some Mother Nature.Plants and flowers always bring a room to life adding visual warmth and personality.

4.Add some colour underfoot. A colourful rug,strategically placed in front of a chair or under your bed,will add colour and texture.Choose a contrast colour,inspired by the fabric you are using elsewhere or look for something with an interesting pattern that ties into your theme.

5.Freshen up a chair cushion.If you have a small chair,such as a desk stool or side chair,bring it back to life by recovering it.Fresh colour on just a small area like this will help invigorate a tired colour scheme.

6.Get Arty.A colourful piece of artwork may just be what a room needs to inject some drama and fun into a room.It’s also a great place to start when decorating to pull a colour scheme together.