Set to impress Holiday tables

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For most of us,the Holidays may be the only time we can corral all the family at once and sit down to celebrate together.Setting a fabulous table for dinner just isn’t realistic in everyday life but taking a little time to dress your Holiday table adds to the excitement.Choose an unexpected colour sceme and run with it. Dinnerware doesn’t have to be fancy,it’s how you put things together that will add impact!

Graphic Contemporary


Holiday decor doesn’t have to be red and green.Match your table to your decor,pick a theme.Woodland ,Nordic,”Madmenesque”,Glam, whatever works for you.A colour scheme for a Holiday table works well when done all out.Mass inexpensive ornaments or flowers for maximum impact.

Woodland,rustic theme.

Layer linens,china,heights to make an interesting table.China doesn’t all have to match.Mix it up.Solids,patterns,textures,price points,there are no rules.

Rustic and relaxed

Setting a kid’s table you can go hog wild.Bright colours,patterns and a few treats might make them sit a little longer and enjoy the meal if you can tear them away from all the Holiday haul!

The Kid’s table’s not so bad!


Apple green is a great fun colour with red and more on trend than the usual “forest” green.A modern twist on Oriental for a Holiday Season party.

A twist on oriental


Happy Holiday’s from Prep Home Staging

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