How To : Staging a mantel

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in a room, it presents the perfect opportunity to create a focal point. Buyers usually love this feature in a home so play it up,especially in the cooler months. The trick is to draw attention to the fireplace but not over accessorize. I often see fireplaces blocked with furniture or covered up all together.A poor arrangement ruins the relaxing effects of a fireplace.


Choose props for your mantel that have varying colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Just as you’ve done with the rest of your staged house, stay away from small stuff and go for big, clean shapes. If your decor is formal echo this in your mantel decor.A formally staged mantel  needs to have balance e.g. a pair of identical vases, candlesticks,sconces or picture frames. Set one of a pair on each end of the mantel.


For less formality, group items closer together and balance the mantel asymmetrically. This style allows you to be more creative with the objects you choose and placement.Stay away from large family portraits and wedding pictures. Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home without constant reminders they are in someone else’s personal space. Colourful artwork and contemporary pieces showcase a sleek, modern fireplace. Leave the hearth clear so the eye isn’t distracted downwards.




Selling a home during the Holiday’s can be a challenge and the tendancy to over decorate can be distracting when buyer’s are trying to concentrate on the features of your house, not your “stuff”. Keep it simple, you can go all out in your new home next year.Just a few items with a Holiday theme are all that is needed to create a warm and welcoming listing. Natural elements work well in this instance. Flowers, greenery, votives all add spakle and interest without over doing things.





What was I saying about overkill, yikes!





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