Home staging.Changing the way homes are sold.

Like it or not,Home Staging is here to stay.

It’s a sad fact but this is a very visual world.In order to grab the attention of today’s consumer a product has to attract them at “Hello”.Bombarded with thousands of images every day,we become complacent to anything new if it fails to appeal instantly to our lifestyle aspirations.Successful companies selling everything from beer to luxury autos spend millions of dollars to woo a consumer with lifestyle commercials and print ads that appeal to their emotions.

The Real Estate industry is no exception and a Home Stager has now become a “Lifestyle Merchandiser”.Today’s buyer is much more savvy and not willing to settle for a property that does not fit their vision of an “Ideal Home”.Due to the widespread education by the new breed of Home Improvement and Staging shows buyers are now demanding a move in ready space with all the features now perceived as “must haves”.

Homeowners have an emotional attachment to their home and everything in it.This makes the ability to see their home with a “buyer’s eyes” a futile one.A Realtor may be hesitant to suggest changes to a homeowner as to not offend when they have worked hard to gain a homeowner’s trust to list their home.A Home Stager acts as a third party in the homeowner’s interests to guide them in the process of Marketing their property for sale.

As soon as the homeowner decides to list their home it is a product that must be marketed to appeal to a buyer’s emotions.Depersonalizing the home allows a buyer to visualize themselves living there without the distractions and negative reactions to a space with personal decor choices and too many of the homeowners possessions on display.

By shining the spotlight on the importance of furniture placement,colour choices and clutter removal ,a “Lifestyle Merchandiser” will ensure a property appeals to the emotions of a buyer in the right way to pique their interest into viewing the property.Once they are in the door,if your “Lifestyle Merchandiser” has done their job properly they will find it hard to resist!