The Home Interview

The Home Interview

Dress to Impress!

You want to dress to impress – what do you wear? That old suit in the back of the closet with the frayed edges and outdated colour .Yes, it looked great at your cousins wedding in 1995 but it’s not going to get the job done on this interview. Not exactly the great first impression you want people to remember you by.

Properties are constantly being “interviewed” by homebuyers and realtors. The majority of sellers seem to think buyers will see past the dated décor, garish paint colours and clutter.

That old sofa the dog sleeps on and the floral wallpaper border might have looked fabulous in it’s heyday but what today’s buyer perceives is the present owners have deferred updating this property when their perception should be “I love this home”

[singlepic id=108 w=320 h=240 float=left]85% of homebuyers search the internet for their dream home. As images flash before their eyes in seconds they instantly reject the properties that fail to resonate on an emotional level thus resulting in many missed opportunities.

How do you minimize your lost opportunities?

By following a few simple steps your home will be “interview ready” for buyers .

  • Remove all clutter and store, out of the home if possible, or toss
  • Family photographs and collections should be removed and packed
  • Tidy closets and remove most of clothing to suggest ample storage space
  • Update dated and loud paint colours to appeal to a broader range of buyers
  • Purchase  new bed linens in a neutral palette to instantly update your space
  • Do all those odd jobs you have been putting off around the house – red flags to a buyer
  • Clean windows, buyers love a bright light space, open drapes to let the sun shine in
  • Eliminate odours, especially pet and cooking smells, ask a friend to do the sniff test
  • Ensure furniture does not block traffic flow – less is more

[singlepic id=49 w=320 h=240 float=]A home that has been staged is more marketable, appeals to a broader range of buyers, and overshadows the competition. The property will appear fresher, brighter and newer, and easier for a buyer to envision living there. A staged home will make “The Home Interview” memorable for the right reasons.

The vast majority of homes for sale have not been staged by a professional or a capable “Do it Yourself” enthusiast, so your listing will be unique and stand out as the “move in ready” home.

Turning a property into a “house for sale” instead of a “home for the present owners to live in” is often best left to a professional who has no emotional ties to the property which will help the owner “move on” and the buyer better envision the home as their space. The practical, emotional, financial and aesthetic aspects of the home have all been addressed. What more could a buyer ask for?