Message to Realtors: Part two

When you think of home staging,what comes to mind?

Part two.

Contrary to some beliefs,home staging can be done for a modest budget.In many cases a short consultation is enough.I view a property and give the client my recommendations on the changes needed to get their home ready for the market.In other cases I am hired to work with the client to actually make those changes.That may mean helping them sort through and get rid of clutter,advise on what to pack up and remove unnecessary furniture,to reposition existing furnishings to help traffic flow and generally improve the appearance of a place,or to project manage larger changes that may involve re-painting,small home improvement projects,colour consultation etc.

The most important thing for clients to be aware of,though,is that studies have consistently shown that for every dollar they invest in home staging they can expect to receive $4 in return.That’s right folks,home staging actually helps to increase the value of a property.And these are not just numbers generated by the home staging industry.The National Association of Realtors,Royal LePage,Coldwell Banker aand other real estate agencies all report that home staging provides many financial returns.

Foe me, a great relationship is one with a real estate agent who sees the benefits of home staging and invites me in as part of their extended team to provide the best possible value and service to their customer.Strategic alliances of this nature help us all.As a real estate agent,you get to stand out from the crowd by offering your clients a comprehensive home selling service package.As a home stager,when I have enquiries from people who have just begun to think about selling but haven’t choosen an agent,I get to help them by linking them to someone I know and trust.Plus as I build relationships with the real estate agents I work with,I am able to support their overall plan for a client,and to take some tough conversations with clients off their shoulders.You have all had the experience of working with a seller who wants the moon for their place but isn’t at all open to to making any changes that will make it more sellable.We home stagers excel at supporting agents in these conversations,and helping customers actually get that hard work done so that you are freed up to prospect for more sellers.

As you can imagine not all home stagers are the same.We all bring various strengths to the table.I’m very pleased to be able to tell you that a couple of my specific strengths are the ability to work collaboratively with other professionals and my background in Visual Merchandising which allows me to fully understand the overall home marketing process and not just make a place look pretty.You know just how critical collaboration is in this business.You need other professionals who can communicate effectively,who meet deadlines and who aren’t prima donnas.You need someone who understands that in  todays world,homes are marketed to specific demographics and need to reflect the ‘lifestyle’ on offer,through appropriate use of furniture style,decor,colour and use of space.

It’s my pleasure to assure you that I can offer you both great collaboration and a thorough understanding of lifestyle marketing.Home staging is definitely an investment that pays off both in the value of homes and reduced time on the market.Home staging is valuable for all segments of the real estate marketplace.We offer a wide range of services from a simple consultation to managing complex projects.And finally, it is more common for us to re-use,re-purpose and re-imagine a clients existing pieces than it is for us to insist that they buy new in order to present their home in the best possible light.

As a home stager,I can support you in helping your client’s home look like the dream property every buyer aspires to.