So, what is included in a Vacant Staging fee?

Let me explain.

One of the first questions clients always ask is “How much does staging cost?” and then “What is included?” The client just sees the work done on the staging day but many, many hours are behind the scenes in the Prep (excuse the pun) and pick up.

plan stage style 2

A Vacant Staging Breakdown.

1. Travel to property for initial consultation, 2 to 3+ hours plus time preparing report

2. Tour property, take notes and snapshots of vacant rooms. Assess layout, colour schemes, special features to be highlighted, minor repairs that need to be addressed, colour consultation if needed etc. (Refer client to trusted Trades if need be)

3. Study snapshots of rooms. Make floor plan of each room and decide on best possible placement of furnishings to maximize space and traffic flow and look appealing in online images. Prepare quote.

4. Decide on furnishings needed and source if need be. Contact client or Realtor with rental quote for approval, arrange for delivery on day of staging.

5. Make list of accessories needed for each room down to the last vase (you need to be super organised when staging, so nothing is overlooked. Select inventory from storage (we have storage costs too)  source any finishing touches required for job (a shopping trip or two may be involved ) Home stagers in Nova Scotia don’t have the luxury of a rental warehouse like larger cities, so we have to invest in thousands of dollars of inventory, which needs to be replaced regularly to keep up with decor trends.

6. Colour coordination of all items used so the home flows, especially with open plan spaces (we have a plan to make your home shine!)

7. Verify delivery of Rentals 2 days before staging. Pack all items needed day before and load vehicle (this can take several hours, we need to invest in packing paper for breakables and bags or totes)  Include toolkit, cleaning products, bags for garbage (we leave nothing behind) packed lunch & coffee to go (important part)

8. Call Realtor or Homeowner to ensure access to property will be ok on staging day or go pick up keys.

9. Early start on day of staging to be there before rentals arrive. Unload our vehicle, we can’t always have access to a garage (in rain, snow, summer heat, bitter cold and icy driveways, lots of stairs) & unpack all the breakables, art, linens etc. etc.. When furnishings arrive instruct delivery staff on placement. Hang artwork, place rugs, make beds, hang shower curtains, place accessories, assemble and plug in lamps, create focal points and vignettes and work our magic for maximum impact! Pack up all unused items (there are always a few, better to have too much to work with than not enough) Take garbage, packing materials,unused props etc. out to car. Do last walk around to ensure nothing is missed. This can be a full day’s work or more depending on location and size of property.

10. Hopefully  the wise decision has been made to use a  professional photographer The images posted online are possibly the most important part of the whole staging process so they need to be able to stop a buyer in their tracks on the internet.

11. Call Realtor/Homeowner to say Staging is complete. Return keys.

12. Post images of completed home and realtor info on website, twitter, facebook and Instagram after listing is live.

13. On completion of home sale 🙂 coordinate pick up, pack up all inventory, return to storage, put all items away till we do it all again! Another full day’s work.

14. You are getting valuable advice from a professional who stages properties for a living. We have done this many times over with fabulous results. We can turn a lackluster property into a desirable “must see” residence. With most buyers starting their home buying process online, images need to be attention grabbing… the right way. We give honest advice which will speed along your time on the market and save you money and frustration.

So there you have it. Home stagers have to multi task and be very organised. We wear many hats during the home staging process.

Most homeowners don’t have the time to do all this, so that’s where we take over to make your home sale as stress free as possible. Go to the spa or a movie and when you return your home will be ready for it’s close up.

Staging is an investment in your home, just like fresh paint or upgrading fixtures and fittings.

Good value, don’t you think ?


Avril Brown

Prep Home Staging

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