Creating Visual Appeal



As a home stylist with a background in visual merchandising, commercial art and photo shoot styling I know what it takes to make your home look appealing to a buyer. If you want to sell your home it has to stand out, plain and simple, not only in person but in online images. I can advise you on where to spend and where to save when preparing your home for today’s very competitive real estate market. Browse our portfolio of professionally staged homes and rental suites, read our testimonials then get in touch to discuss your specific project needs. 


Of all the investments you make, none is more important than your home. Whether you want to keep your house or sell it, I will assist you in styling to improve the value of your investment or staging to obtain it’s full worth when it comes time to sell. Staging allows buyers to see how your home will fit their lifestyle, something they struggle with when viewing a poorly presented property. I recognizes the strengths and weaknesses in a home and give you a game plan to bring out the best features to get a buyer’s attention. An ideal home means different things to different people but the most appealing properties “just feel right” and I know how to create the “it factor”.


Home staging is a marketing tool and not to be confused with decorating. Your home deserves expert care and advice when marketing to sell and the investment in professional staging is a fraction of a price drop.

Member of Home Stagers Atlantic
Member of Home Stagers Atlantic


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