Hanging Artwork

The most common mistakes and how to get it right.

For me artwork is one of the most exciting elements in a room. When I was a student in Scotland many a lunch hour was spent in the Art Gallery in Aberdeen and I have never lost my love for art.

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A large, beautiful piece can create an instant focal point in a room when one is lacking and can make up for a lack of architectural details.

Common mistakes when displaying art are hanging it too high and using a piece too small in scale for the wall it is displayed on. Many people shy away from using large pieces but they really do make a statement in a room. When hanging art above a sofa the bottom edge should be 6”– 8” from the top of the sofa and should be from 50 – 75% the width of the sofa.

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If you wish to make one large grouping of smaller pieces use the same principles and group them tightly together. Position the grouping of artwork on kraft paper and trace around the arrangement. Tape the paper to the wall, position the hooks and nail into place; then remove the paper and hang in place and voila a perfectly placed arrangement!

For visual impact group similar artwork together by subject or colour and for even more emphasis use the same style of mat and frame.

Some of my favourite stores to purchase affordable, unusual art :

  • Homesense – Always great buys for larger scale pieces and something different!
  • Bouclair – Fun, contemporary canvas pieces.
  • Local furniture stores – Check them out for larger sized pieces too.

Not forgetting of course our many talented local artists we are so fortunate to have in Nova Scotia. Check out Nova Scotia Art Online to see some of the amazing artists in our province.

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